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You may schedule a development session with ANY of our coaches! Request either a 1-on-1 private lesson or a small-, medium- or large- group training session.  Non-Areté Coaches are also welcome to reserve a court for lessons and/or groups.

The cost for lessons may vary by coach and number of athletes in each lesson.  Prices below reflect court fee only.  Coaching fees will be communicated by our coaches upon scheduling.

To reserve a court at the Areté Athletics Center (AAC) with one of our Areté Coaches:

  • Private Lesson (1-2 athletes) - $45/hr
  • Small Group (3 - 4 athletes) - $50/hr
  • Medium Group (5 - 6 athletes) - $60/hr
  • Large Group / External Team Practices (6+ athletes) - $95/hr

Coaches fees typically vary from $25-50+/hr (depending on size of lesson and/or coach experience).  Court fees are to be paid directly to Areté Athletics via Venmo (@arete_athletics) or credit card at the AAC prior to the lesson.  Coaches fees are to be paid directly to the coach.

Please visit our coaches page to check out our coaches and schedule a private lesson.  You may also email Allison Brown to help coordinate lesson requests and court reservations.