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College Recruitment

Areté is committed to providing our 14s – 18s players the most comprehensive tools for making college contacts, understanding the latest recruiting guidelines and developing action items for each athlete interested in playing at the next level throughout their school and club career.

We understand that the recruiting process can be intimidating and overwhelming at times. Areté is fully dedicated to supporting each of our athletes in their pursuit to playing at the next level.

Working closely with Parallel Recruiting Initiative, Areté provides valuable resources in effort to work with Areté athletes and families before and during the recruiting process, and provides recruiting information and support. We also offer one-on-one recruiting consulting and services to our Areté Families, while working closely with all Areté coaches on behalf of our Areté athletes.

We are dedicated to representing our student athletes who have a desire to play at the collegiate level while also maintaining high academic standards necessary for success.
We work behind the scenes to ensure recruiting success through guidance, providing resources, follow-up and more. The ultimate goal is for each athlete to obtain a scholarship in order to ease the burden of collegiate educational expenses. Student athletes and parents may work hand in hand with Areté and Parallel Recruiting Initiative to help tailor a program that will not only highlight a student athlete’s athletic talents but academic performance as well.

This program is designed to assist with our athlete’s recruitment journey in partnership with school programs to promote and inform college recruiters of our exemplary athletic/academic talent. We have staff and external resources that bring a wealth of knowledge, planning and execution to the recruiting process by showcasing each athlete’s potential future contribution to respective collegiate programs. Jason Bibler and our Areté Coaches have amassed contacts from many top collegiate D1, D2, D3, NAIA and Junior College programs.

The following links are various resources in the college recruiting process:

NCAA Eligibility Center – NCAA eligibility and rules information

NAIA Eligibility Center – NAIA eligibility information

University Athlete – The software college coaches use to recruit at tournaments.  Definitely make sure your profile is accurate here

Rich Kern Recruiting Registry – “Dedicated to Promoting Club and High School Female Volleyball Athletes to the College Program That Best Complements Their Abilities and Desires”

Prep Volleyball – Extensive coverage of club and high school volleyball and recruiting information

In summary, as an organization with our College Recruiting Coordinator, Jason Bibler & Parallel Recruiting Initiative, Areté provides the following, but not limited to:

  • Assistance with creating impactful Athlete Profiles
  • Promotion of and advocacy for athletes via email/text, direct calls & video
  • Access to contact information for coaches across the country
  • Accessibility to Athlete Profiles, Measurements & Stats
  • College Recruitment Seminars
  • Overall guidance and support of each Areté athlete & her family
  • The latest recruiting updates to help our athletes stay on top of the process

point of contact

Jason Bibler started Parallel Recruiting Initiative (PRI) in 2018 with the goal of helping guide parents and athletes through the recruiting process.  Jason has helped guide hundreds of athletes and families over the last 4 years.  His focus is on educating and communicating with families, athletes and college coaches.  Jason has built the foundation of his business on the relationships he has with college coaches across the country.  This continues to be one of the strengths of PRI.  Jason communicates with college coaches on a daily basis which helps create trust with coaches, but also consistent dialogue.  Jason is a trusted resource for both parents and college coaches; he is a fantastic advocate for athletes that want to play volleyball at the collegiate level.

Jason coached club and high school volleyball in Colorado for 5 years.  He coached at Colorado Juniors and Air Academy High School before moving to Texas.  Jason began his college coaching career as an assistant at Angelo State University (D2) moving to take a full time assistant position at Abilene Christian University (D2) after 2 years.  In his 3 years as the assistant at ACU, the team made it to the Regional Championship twice.  Next, he went to UT - Arlington (D1) for 1 season, helping that team make it to the Sun Belt Conference Championship Finals.  Jason returned to ACU and navigated that program through the last 3 years of their D1 transition as the Head Coach.  Jason and his wife Sara live with their 4 kids in Plano.

Contact Jason at 719-330-3850 or book a meeting here

Jason Bibler

Parallel Recruiting Initiative