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Dear Parents & Athletes -

We only want the BEST for our Areté Athletes! #highestpotential

We are so exciting to launch our Performance Training program! We have received questions related to which strength programs are best to complement volleyball skills training and improve performance while reducing chances of injury.

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Erik Decarvalho (E4 Athletics) to deliver customized training programs to our Areté athletes at our Areté Performance + Recovery Center. E4 Athletics delivers sport-specific performance and recovery programs tailored for our Areté athletes.

At the highest level, E4 Athletics training programs are based off athletic assessments, science and proven results. Training is customized in 3 distinct areas:

1. Personalization: based on the assessment of athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, personalized training helps build on strengths and remedy weaknesses safely and efficiently

2. Sport-Specific: exercises are handpicked based on the athlete’s and team's goals to make sure that they are training the right muscle groups and energy systems

3. Schedule: based on the athlete’s training and competition calendar, the program will consist of a progression of phases including general preparation, hypertrophy, power, strength, endurance, pre-competition taper & recovery.

Our goal is to offer a cohesive, sustainable and consistent program from age group to age group, where athletes are developed through a safe and effective training progression in effort to achieve their highest potential!