2023-2024 ARETÉ TEAMS

Areté may hold tryouts to select athletes for our boys teams for the 2023-2024 season. We encourage interested athletes to attend our All-Skills Pre-Tryout Clinics in advance of Tryouts to get to our know our coaching team, our training philosophy and the culture of Areté.


REQUIRED: We want to know about all athletes who walk through our doors at the Areté Athletics Center (AAC) and participate in our camps, clinics, tryout evaluations, and more, as well as complete our annual waiver! The Areté Athlete Profile is required to be completed only one time per year. If you have not completed it yet for the upcoming season, please do so. Thank you so much!

This form will be placed in each player's secured profile which will be attached to all registrations, including but not limited to: all clinics, camps, Academy, tryout evaluations, completion of annual waiver, 2023-2024 club season once teams are formed.


Key Points – 2023-2024 Tryout & Evaluation Process to make a club team per the North Texas Region:

We do not anticipate any changes, however please note that some of this information may change based on any new or additional information received from the North Texas Region regarding the upcoming season and if there are any updates to the tryout process.

  • The Tryout Evaluation period for all Club Teams in the North Texas Region (NTR) begins July 8, 2023.  Pre-tryout clinics are now allowed, but no official offers can be made to athletes outside of Areté until July 8th.
  • Attend Summer Clinics starting in May and Tryout/Evaluation Clinics & Camps during the evaluation window on July 8 - 10 for 10s-18s to get to know coaches in your age group.
  • Official Acceptance/Signing Day: Tuesday, July 11, 2023 for all ages 10s - 18s
  • Clubs/Coaches may NOT discuss a specific team with a player outside of their club before the evaluation windows for each age group.
  • Areté and non-Areté Athletes may attend our camps, clinics, lessons, 4x4 tournaments/games and performance training sessions prior to the evaluation window, however club-initiated discussions about a specific team or joining an organization are prohibited if the athlete is outside of her current club.

In order for the club to be aware of your interest and to help answer any questions you may have, please let the Areté Director and/or Coaches know you are interested in being a part of the Areté organization and making a team for the upcoming season.

When are the NTR Player/Team Tryouts & Evaluations?

  • The 2023 Tryout & Evaluation period is:
    • 10s - 18sJuly 8 - July 10, 2023 (Acceptance Day: July 11th)
    • Areté may offer extended tryout evaluation opportunities post July 11th for athletes who haven’t committed yet after the official NTR signing/acceptance date for all remaining open positions until every Areté team is full. Ideally, all of our teams carry 12 players on the roster.

How to be evaluated for a 2023-2024 Areté Team:

  • Attend as many Areté Clinics & Camps as possible prior to the evaluation window and then specifically during the official evaluation window per respective age group to be evaluated for one of our teams.  Areté will offer specific tryout evaluation dates/times for each age group, as well as provide opportunities to be evaluated during regular occurring clinics and camps that take place before, during and after each evaluation window.
  • Please view the latest clinics and camps schedule under Training & Programs to register!
  • We encourage you to connect with our Areté Head Coaches in your age group!
  • Please do not assume or rely on hearsay that any Areté team is “full”. We encourage you to be active and proactive in this fully understand first-hand the situation for your athlete and opportunities at Areté. We promise to always be transparent and honestly help guide your athlete and family every step of the way!
    • Please connect directly with Krista Gibson or any of our Areté Coaches to inquire about the actual status of each team prior to making any decisions as Areté could be the best club home for you!
  • The Areté website (under Teams) will be updated often showing the status of each team based on player interest in Areté, providing team descriptions, coaching alignments, etc.

For Areté Team descriptions, please click here.  Additional information regarding our Areté 2023-2024 teams will be released at the appropriate time.  Our website and social media outlets will reflect updates accordingly.

Should you have any questions or need additional information, feel free to email us.

NOTE: Clubs, Coaches or Staff may NOT discuss a specific team with any non-Areté player before the start of each evaluation window.  As a currently affiliated Areté Athlete, if anyone contacts you outside of the Areté organization about joining their organization and/or a specific team at another club, please inform the Areté Director immediately and report it to the North Texas Region Office as this is against the region tryout policy.

  • Please see our Clinic/Camp Schedule or Tryout Schedule above for times and updates to any camps, clinics, evaluations, etc. held at the AAC.
  • Registration for all camps, clinics, evaluations, etc. will be posted on the Programs page of our website: Areté Programs & Registration


Over the last several years, there has been a lot of activity and buzz about the early pressures in our region’s tryout process, which has caused some confusion, stress and panic about what is and isn't acceptable.

Please know that there is always time prior to the official region signing/acceptance date each season to find the right club home for your athlete(s) and family. Please do not feel pressured into making a quick, rushed decision – especially too early. We encourage you to ensure that all your questions are answered, information is transparently and proactively shared with you, and you understand the plan for your daughter and the team she is trying out for and being offered.

10s-18s = Evaluation Window = July 8 - 10, 2023 (Acceptance Date: July 11, 2023). Any offers made during the summer prior to the official region signing dates are non-binding as the North Texas Region does not recognize any verbal offers or club contracts made prior to these official dates. It is against the NTR policy (released in 2018) to sign anything prior to the official signing/acceptance dates! Organizations may pull their verbal offers during the evaluation window and athletes may also change their mind.

Organizations may offer clinics and various training sessions leading up to the official evaluation/tryout dates, however participation in these offerings does not lock you into any club until the prescribed dates. We highly recommend exploring various options prior to signing with any club. We encourage you to check out Areté and experience for yourself our differentiating positive energy & inviting culture that also provides your athlete(s) a high level and challenging training ground led by experienced coaches.

Being that we had a very successful inaugural 2015-2016 season, and subsequent seasons since our launch, it is very important to us that we continue to provide a level of excellence, quality coaching and training, an amazing, unique experience and more like no other organization – for our athletes, families, coaches and staff. We started with 9 teams and grew successfully to 22 teams in our 2nd year. Since, we've consistently had 23-30 teams and we have a long-term vision of growing at a steady pace and are continuing to build additional Areté Jrs. teams, launch our Boys club teams, and enhance our Academy program further as well. For the 2023-2024 season, we plan to have at least 30+ teams (girls and boys teams). We’d love for you to come check us out and be a part of Areté!

We want your volleyball club process and experience to be positive, motivating, exciting and results-oriented for you and your family. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or additional information you may need regarding our organization, program offerings, the tryout process, etc.